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Liebe über Alles
Black as Death

Top 10 albums of the year- Andre Salles Tuesday Morning 3 Am
#8. The Violet Burning, The Story of Our Lives: Liebe Uber Alles, Black as Death and the Fantastic Machine.
Yeah, take a minute and deal with that title. Now deal with the fact that this album is a two-hour-and-40-minute triple-album concept piece about losing yourself and finding faith. And then, deal with the notion that the band produced, released and marketed this thing all on its own. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone else could have been trusted to get this right. This is Michael Pritzl at the absolute top of his game, and he takes his band through some of the loudest material in TVB’s catalog, and some of the prettiest. When Pritzl titled one of these three chapters Black as Death, he meant it – the guitars are molten, the riffing explosive, the vocals raw and throat-shredding. But when he titled another Liebe Uber Alles (Love Over Everything), he meant that too – some of the songs here will shatter you, but they will also lovingly show you how to heal. Every listen reveals something new, some hidden meaning or melody weaving the three chapters into a whole. The Story of Our Lives is 2011’s most ambitious undertaking, and one of its most smashing success stories.
Full article here

"A + - ...a lyrically profound and sonically refreshing concept album that so significantly represents the story of all our lives..." 
-Ken Wiegman, Editor Alpha Omega News

"5 stars... it might easily be the best album I have heard this decade. Get it..." Paul Gibson Editor, The Christian Rock 20

"4 1/2 out of 5 stars!.. A 3 album Masterpiece.." - Doug Van Pelt, editor HM MAGAZINE

"... with searing sounds as picturesque as the words depicting a swirling into oblivion... the Story of our Lives is a timely soundtrack for the brokenhearted, the fearful, the oppressed,the skeptical, the triumphant, the joyous, the lost, the found. It also simply rocks. Run, don't walk, to check it out.
- 9.7 out of 10 - Holly Etchison, writer The Blue Indian Music Blog 

"4 1/2 out of 5 stars!" - Dan Macintosh, writer HM MAGAZINE

"...a vast, impressive achievement, and even after 20 or so listens, I’m not tired of it – I hear new things in it each time.
It is...the finest moment of Pritzl’s two-decade recording career. And even if you’ve never heard of him, you should hear this..."
-Andre Salles, Tuesday Morning 3AM Music Blog -full review here 

"...This could well be the best album The Violet Burning has ever released. At least as brilliant as their self-titled album released in 1996. ‘The story of our lives’ is also our story. We also have periods of struggle, sadness and emptiness. But we must know......."
Untombed Network read the whole review here 

"...The Violet Burning has unleashed quite a work of indescribable measure...'The Story of Our Lives' contains Three album's worth of material culled from seemingly cavernous depths...
The packaging itself exudes the intimately delicate ministrations of the Holy..."
Synnr's and Saintes blog read the review here

"...Those who enjoy music (perhaps more specifically, rock n roll) will not only find some great songs, amazing guitar riffs, and drumming that's out of this world.  But will instead find themselves wrapped up in the story...". Perspective From the Inside 

"...I don't want you to wait to download or order this set.  I already know that each disc would be a keeper by itself.  And I  already know the sum is far bigger and better than the parts.
...and I am speechless..."
Holy Heteroclite

"I'm speechless. I listened through it all day-a masterpiece." James F.

""My Name Is Night" says it all...this album destroys!" steven k.

"These are modern day Psalms. I'm blown away. One moment my face is melted by raw rock, the next I'm on the verge of tears."
-barry R.

"4 1/2 tocks out of 5!" writer Phantom Tollbooth

"the artwork in the digital booklet is astonishingly beautiful. I've spent the first moments just flicking back and forth taking in the artwork. truly ARTwork, thanks!" bartwin v.d.p

"Loving the new Music... Hauntingly beautiful...and it rocks!"
-Aaron D

"way to go violets...this is just amazing!" Ron B.

"I haven't heard music this good in a long, long time..." doug d.

"TITMoment, FDSHeart and DDead were easily swept away, even the mercurial ST has been nudged aside and now this is seriously giving DPE a run for the best Violets album ever. You have truly outdone yourself, i'm hearing influences of old like Led Zep, Sabbath, Stones, Beatles, Metalicca, U2, Radiohead and a host of others i can't pinpoint at the moment clashing with shoegaze, indie and new wave and they're all coming together in a beautiful symphony..FAVs: Lights Out, Letting, Loudest Sound, Rock is Dead, Ruins, Lacuna, Mojave, arc, I caught Fire, Made for've truly outdone yourselves here.." Adrian K.

"Imminent Collapse will be stuck in my head all day." bill d.

"Totally in awe of the richness and level of detail in the many layers of sound and art. A true masterpiece. Rock is not dead. No way!"
-Jonathan P

"Seriously . . . . Amazing" brian D.

"I think I may have found my 2011 album of the year. It's going to take something pretty special to top The Story of Our Lives for me, both in it's epic scope and musical genius, and I don't see anything that special coming out this year. Sure there are albums I'm looking forward to (Switchfoot, Blindside and others), but I suspect they won't compare to this. Well done!" JJ M.

"Absolutely love this new release! Here is my one word review: EPIC!" david b.

"This is a tremendous work of art. The fist listen took me back to the thrill of hearing the violets live at Cornerstone in 1992."
-trent m.

"Every melody. Every harmony. Every sustain. Every riff. Every lyric. Every breath. It all cuts straight to the heart. Beautiful."
-Justin W.

"don't forget to check out the digital booklet. Even that is an artistic masterpiece!"
-doug d.

"it is hard to describe it, it is just that incomparable to anything else! heavy, massive, beautiful at the same time! just brilliant & absolutely fantastic!" Pascal L.

"Edgy, raw, heartfelt, and wonderful. Thank you!" brian c.

"Disc 3 is blowing my mind right now. It's incredibly moving." HL mcC.

"First time listening...and I'm enjoying the differences between the Factory Crash Preview mixes and official mixes. Brothr Part One caught me off a great way. And I have to say the artwork looks incredible! Like as in it should win some kind of award...I cannot wait to hold this in my hands!!!" garrett

"Got it. Worth the wait... every second of it... :)" john b.

"i love it. freaking awesome work on this. " daniel L.

"i thought the "br0thr" character was fantastic... i recognized the things "he" was saying as ad slogans, etc... and the very idea of "looking for Jesus" while bombarded by all that was very profound." H. Ken A.

"Wow... that's all I can say. The albums are incredible! In a fair world these albums should go multi-platinum.... " Austin D.

"The whole album is epic and gorgeous, but Made for You seems like the ultimate way to close out this project. Guaranteed to make you weep and stir you to worship..." JJ M.

"This album(s) rips my face off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Stephen K. M.

"I lean toward the heavier side of things currently (that will shift). Graves(till the end), Machine Beat Sabbatha, My Name is Night, and Nowhere, CA are the ones I keep hitting repeat on... I haven't found much music out there that really does the "melt your face rock" with sense. It either sounds all the same and peels all the paint off the walls, or it just doesn't rock...but this, this is on a completely different level. There is so much story here, with depth and melodies and well used face melting rock..." Peter F.

"Your new release is incredible. So far my favorite song is Made For You. Guitars soar. Reminds me of a guitar sound that rips through a Stadium!!!" Paul U.

"I have to say that "Where it all Begins" is stuck on replay for me. There's a lot of other great songs there, but that E major opening is so beautiful... and I love how it builds... I could listen to it over and over and over... oh wait, I have done that..." Cheryl C.

""In Ruin" has touched my heart deeply. " I don't Belong" stood out right away, and the rhythm of "Rock is Dead" keeps me coming back for more." Barry R.

"I love the guitar solo on Rock is Dead.. it melts my face off. Other songs that stand out are "Where it All Begins" "Imminent Collapse", "Maelstrom", and"Mon desir". I think for me it was "Mon Desir" that had a really emotional impact on me..." Austin D.

"‎"Made For You". What an achingly, beautiful love song to our Saviour. Just incredible." Raymond S.

"This is just awesome stuff! Brilliant!"

"Um... speechless... Downloaded tonight and haven't stopped listening. Thanks so much the new music. A blessing. Peace." Jeff T.

"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Listening to this album is like going on an incredible journey and all the songs are addictive. Great job!!!" Jeff R.

"Currently, really enjoying the sense of rebirth in L.u.A. Humbled and in awe of His mercy on the light poured down on me and feeling the rapture of coming back to the First Love with all the my bloody valentine-esque guitar buzzing/droning on i caught fire. An early fav, though, has been cardiac. I can feel my heartbeat in time with the bass line as it threatens to break apart with the lyric "humbled unto death...firstborn from the dead." I don''t think it's been mentioned much yet, but there are some amazing bass and drum vibes on this album. And the delays on L.u.A. are unreal. It just about brings me to my knees and in tears at the brink of "made for You." What an epic finale. Truly remarkable. Thank you guys for sharing of your gifts and the music of your souls." Jon P.