August 2018

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First of all, thank you for your kind words and support these past many months. It means the world to us and our families, and they've been deeply personal to me and my family. 
You guys are the heart of our little community. 

Album Update: 

We are excited to share with you that we are very hopeful that 2018 will see the release of 3 new albums of music. 
I Recently saw a post from one of our Facebook friends talking about how he and his band have been working on a new album for 3 years, and it's nearly completed. 1 album - 3 years. 

We are getting closer to releasing 3 new albums. 

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+ Translator | Confessing All the Secret Things EP (5 songs exclusive with pre-order) 
+ Satellite Heart Songs and Instrumentals EP (3 songs exclusive with pre-order) 

Rewards Later: 
+ A Map of the Loneliest Places on Earth (working title for forthcoming 1st rock album) 
+ Songs and Prayers of the Satellite Heart (working title for forthcoming prayers album) 

Pre Order our 3rd New Album: 
Rewards Now: 
+ Immediate download of the exclusive EP:  We Kissed as Though Nothing Could Fall
 by the violet burning 

Rewards Later: 
+ Tonight My Guitar is Full of Tears (working title for forthcoming 2nd rock album) and any of the formats you would like. More Details on all the packages are below. 

We are pretty excited because that would bring our total of music released in 3 years to: 3 EPs and 3 Albums. 
We invite you to continue to be part of our story. 

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If you're looking for more details, on our 3 new albums and 2 new EPs, you can find it here.
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 The Back Story - Help support  the creating of our Two New Albums:
A few years ago we began recording two new albums, with the support of our friends, fans, and family. Independent Music is actually Inter-dependent. We know we can't do this without your help and support. 
Instead of raising monies via Kickstarter, we are utilizing the resources of pre orders for the albums. By pre ordering now, you can help us with the costs of recording, artwork, mastering, manufacturing, along with all of the the often overlooked costs of strings, tubes, guitar/amp repair, and maintenance repair costs. 
Your support helps us bring great music and art to you and to the world around us. 

Exclusive Additional Music:
each pre order comes with over 40+ minutes of new and unreleased music, exclusively for our fans and friends who pre-order
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A Journey Together- a video about our new campaign.                   California- one of the songs exclusively for those who preorder.

the violet burning