2019 - NOW I BEGIN
Happy New Year dear ones.
For some of us it’s good to look back on the ground gained, the ways forward, the beauty, laughter and love that lived brightly amidst unspeakable sadness and setbacks.

2018 was special.

-There was music played and recorded.
-A new EP.
-Hysterical Laughter.
-Stories embraced and recalled.
-Friends connected.
-More music played.
-An anthem knelt for in remembrance of those locked away and those discriminated against and bullied.
-Friends, sisters, daughters, moms, dads, brothers, sons and fellow musicians lost.
-More music played and recorded.
-Bootlegs released.
-More love and more laughter
-more lights and music and songs sung, prayers prayed across the mountainside in New England. 

From a window high above the sea and the trees near Boston, I wish you all love and hope, laughter and music, comfort in sadness. 

This year I hope you will kiss someone you love, hold someone who’s hurting, connect with your friends and families, smile, love, write a song, read 10 books, kneel, cry, sing and love some more.
Happy New Year.

Now I Begin. 

(A look back)

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the violet burning