Download Codes - please follow the instructions below

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wait for file to prepare - select audio quality - download the album


The following info is good to know -
- Use a Computer and Not Your Phone or Tablet
1. File Preparing: Once you login with your code, you don’t have to join anything, just wait for the “preparing your download” to complete.
- Please Note - The Story of Our Lives is a Triple Album, It will take a little while to prepare the download from the server. Thanks for your patience

2. When file is prepared, use the dropdown arrow to the right, select the audio quality you would prefer - we prefer 320 MP3s and AIF or WAV files

3. Download: The Server will prepare the item you selected, then just click “download”

4. Download Multiple Options: If you decide you’d like the album in another format as well, simply select a new format from the dropdown arrow, wait for the download to be prepared in the new format, and download your selection.

5. Thanks for supporting our music.

6. Now click here and enter your download code!